Before I delve into the issue of President Obama’s recent treatment of Israel at the UN, I’d like to clarify a few items. Firstly, I have the upmost respect for President Obama and his service to our nation. While I have disagreed with several policy decisions—most of them for that matter—I feel that he has led with true honor for the past eight years. Regardless of our differences, I respect the office he holds and the work he has done. Despite what some people on my side of the aisle claim, I genuinely believe that the President loves this country. Secondly, my criticism of President Obama on Israel is not personal—it is merely political. The following assessment of the President is absolutely within my right to free speech. I am not slandering nor insulting the President’s character; I only am critiquing policy, performance, and his decisions.

When President Obama commanded United Nation’s Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain, not veto, the one-sided Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements, he sent a dangerous message to the international community. He gave the UN, and the rapidly growing and strengthening anti-Israel base, more firepower and ammunition to levy attacks against the Jewish State and the Jewish right to self-determination in their historic homeland.

As it is known, the United Nation’s is a continuous hotbed of discrimination against Israel. They have adopted around 200 resolutions condemning Israeli actions, versus 8 condemning the genocide of Syrians at the hands of Bashar al-Assad. They have rarely acknowledged ISIS’s terroristic activities throughout the Middle East and Europe, yet are quick to label the Israeli Defense Force a terrorist organization and call for Israel, a democratic nation with a uniquely moral military, to be placed before the International Criminal Court. Thus, given the United Nation’s clear bias against Israel, a message from the United States that signals the U.S. gives little regard for, and will be silently complacent with, this horrid Israel hatred, is terrifying. If Israel’s largest and most vital ally is willing to isolate them internationally, what does that say about Israel’s strength going forward?

They are now vulnerable—more than ever.

Before this vote, President Obama boasted an excellent record supporting Israel at the United Nations, and that should not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this vote will live to define his legacy on Israel, and provide an international platform for the BDS Movement and other anti-Israel organizations and entities.

Israel is not, and should not be, a partisan issue. If a Republican president abandoned Israel at the UN, I would author this same article denouncing his or her actions. If President-elect Donald Trump or a member of his administration works to circumvent Israel, or isolate Israel, I will call them out in the same tone as I have done President Obama and his administration.

I hope that in the next administration, a President Trump will return to the norm of defending Israel at the UN—unwaveringly. And further, possibly cut the funding the United States so generously gives the United Nations (22% of their budget from America), until they rid themselves of their anti-Israel double standard and disgraceful bias.

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