Uncovering J-Street

"J-Street believes that the BDS Movement is in existence purely because of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. However, if J-Street cared to read from BDS's own website, they would realize this is not the case. BDS's website writes that "Israel maintains a regime of of settler colonialism, apartheid and occupation over the Palestinian people" and that Zionism is a "racist ideology of late 19th century European colonialism." Unless the moral blindness of J-Street clouds their reading ability, they should realize that it is blatantly obvious BDS is rooted in the same-old anti-Semitism we saw in 1930s Germany--the denial of the Jewish right to a safe and secure home."

BDS Is Not Pro-Palestine

"The BDS Movement has a radical agenda. The boycotts, divestments, and sanctions do nothing but significantly harm advancements towards peace. They ignore the root cause of Palestinian economic hardship, and furthers said hardship by advocating for actions that damage the Palestinian economy. BDS isolates and degrades one side, instead of concentrating on the discovery of a common ground. BDS is not pro-Palestine, it is pro-hate."

Past: Peace, The Abbas Problem

"I recognize that many Palestinians have a genuine desire for peace, and their goals are noble and legitimate. However, you cannot blame Israel for these problems. You cannot blame Israel for the absence of peace, or the lack of progress towards negotiation."